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2020 Vision for P&C Insurance

2020 will be the year of Big Data. We have been told that so many times, but every time some other tech fad grabbed the attention away. Now data has grown so big, there is no way we can keep ignoring it. And it is not just the size. Finally, we are properly equipped with computing power, analytics, and visualization tools that will help us to turn our full attention to data.

CES 2020: The Top 10 Automotive Technologies That Matter Most

Once again, CES 2020 in Las Vegas has delighted us with an intriguing mix of highest tech innovations in the world of consumer technologies. We saw self-driving, autonomous and flying vehicles, swarms of flying, running, walking, crawling, swimming robots, giant TV screens, virtual biometrics, wearables in all sizes, many exciting and some useless products for the home, current generation and future cars, and much more. In the article, we would like to share what we believe are the top 10 automotive technologies that matter most.

4 Auto Technology Trends to Expect in 2020

We are well into January, but the Chinese New Year has just begun, and with that beginning, I would like to reflect on trends in 2020 and what our team at dreyev believe are the 4 auto technology trends to expect in 2020.

What is the ROI of Proactively Implementing a Crash Avoidance System?

Some fleets may already have an excellent safety record with the minimum possible insurance premiums thanks to their impeccable safety record. As a result, fleet companies are often reactive to investigating the ROI of a new crash avoidance system. This begs the question, “What is the ROI of proactively implementing a new crash avoidance system?”

Is Technology Improving Attention to Our Driving?

If you are like me, you know how difficult it is to change eating habits. At some point in your life, you may realize that your almost unconscious decision-making process that guides the selection of food and timing needs drastic changes - for the safety of your health. We are all creatures of habit and know how difficult it is to change that. Many of us started using technology to brings essential information to our attention to help us change our eating habits. Is our driving style safe enough or do we need to change it? Is technology improving attention to our driving?

Can Technology Help Commercial Drivers Avoid Accidents with Distracted Car Drivers?

Distracted driving is arguably one of the most common causes of road crashes. Numerous studies have been conducted on distracted driving-related to commercial vehicles. The sad fact is that distracted driving is on the increase, and with that comes the increase in accidents and fatalities.

Training Inexperienced Drivers: The Answer to the Truck Driver Shortage?

The truck driver shortage has been consistently ranked every year as one of the biggest concerns of the trucking industry over the past ten years. The latest analysis from the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates the shortage at almost 60,000 in 2019 and forecasts that the trend is looking worse with a potential lack of 100,000 drivers by 2023.

Introducing Walter, the Virtual Co-Driver Solution

Here I am, just shy of 18 years old, with a freshly issued driver’s license and the right to explore any remote part of the world on my own, on four wheels.

Is the Status Quo Enough for Maintaining Safety on Our Roads?

Until recently, the status quo for maintaining safety on our roads was limited. Drivers and regulatory authorities have employed analog, digital and administrative solutions to prevent distracted driving. While these solutions have been a great first step forward, they have proven to be only partially effective due to their shortcomings. The next generation of solutions is starting to emerge with the continued advancement of - you guessed it - artificial intelligence and other new mobile technologies. Let’s review the current status quo solutions that are in place now.

Fireside Chat with Woz

By a stroke of luck, this year, I had the rare privilege to interview the legendary Steve Wozniak at the Dig-In "The Digital Transformation of Insurance" conference in Austin, Texas. What a treat! Woz shared some amazing insights on what’s next in tech, what makes a successful startup, why big companies often fail to nurture new ideas, which letters he likes in AI, and whether Socrates would crack jokes on a coast to coast ride with him. Since this was a Digital Insurance conference, the key question was of course about the digital future of insurance and Steve weighed in on how quickly he thought insurers wold be able to transform their services into an always-on fully digital model.

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